Paris, France



Paris has a place on pretty much every traveler’s bucket list. It is known as the most romantic city in the world, and is home to some world famous sights that are constantly shown in travel magazines, movies, and other works of art.

Beijing China

The Great Wall of China is located in the northern region of China, and it is, without doubt, the most recognizablesymbol of China’s culture and history. This Great Wall represents a long and vivid Chinese history. This Great Wall of China had it is designed first conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang back in the 3rd BC.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the oldest and largest national parks in Croatia. In 1979, Plitvice Lakes National Park was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, due to its outstanding and picturesque series of tufa lakes, caves, connected by waterfalls.

Jakarta, Indonesia

akarta, officially the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Lying on the northwest coast of Java, the world’s most populous island, Jakarta is the largest city in Southeast Asia, and serves as the diplomatic capital of ASEAN. The city is the centre of the economy, culture, and politics of Indonesia. It has a province level status which has a population of 10,562,088 as of 2020. 

Meteora Greece

The Meteora is a rock formation in central Greece hosting one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, second in importance only to Mount Athos. The six monasteries are built on immense natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders that dominate the local area.

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