Ġgantija Tour


During the trip we will get acquainted with ancient temples and statues. You will also find interesting facts about local people and more

2000$ 10 days +Air

Megalithic Temples of Malta

Malta has a magnificent temple’s that is not included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Here is you can see wonderful, amazing temple’s and I promise  you never seen before.

1500$ 8 days +Air

Azure Window Tour

The Azure Window  is also most famous island in this area. We all known as the Dwejra Window that is also 28 meter tall from the ocean. And the arch structure is amazing as you can see.

3000$ 14 days +Air

Inland Sea, Gozo

There is a gently shelving stone beach in the Inland Sea, Gozo. So people can fishing. The lagoon is pebbles and rock and very shallow. Going to the tunnel there is wide open beautiful seas you can watch.

2000$ 8 days +Air

Wied il-Mielaħ Window Tour

Opposite of Azure Window Tour on the coast of the Island in Malta. in 2017 during the lighting storm it collapsed but very unique natural format you can see.

3500$ 10 days +Air