If you are planning on become a digital nomad, you might have been wondering if how digital nomads are able to be productive while getting their work done. While some of us prefer to be in one place, digital nomads are able to get a lot of things done just with their laptop and computer. Here is how they do it.

New Things Are More Productive

Traveling and going to new places actually makes you more productive believe it or not. There was a guy who actually showed that he made more money and that he spent more time working while he was traveling. The reason being is because when you are traveling and on the move, you get more work done and are productive /  efficient because your brain is working a bit differently than normal. For example when you are waiting for your plane, your train etc, you have the ability to crank out 1-2 hours of focused work, whereas when you are in your office, you tend to procrastinate and put things off.

When you are traveling you tend procrastinate less and are more focused on the task at hand and your work.

Co-Working Office Space

Many digital nomads are able to exchange ideas and connect with each other during their travels. For example Chang Mai is one of those destinations where people from all walks of life get to meet one another and share their experience. Some are traders, some are developers, some don’t have a job, but they all have their way of doing things.

From such a diverse group of individuals they learn how to do things more efficiently and more productively without wasting their time on needless things that don’t bring results. If you are in the case of not being able to travel and move, then try meet such people in a co-working office that’s different from your usual office space.

Maybe the decor, the style, and the creative energy or spirit will inspire you to get a lot more done than your usual old boring office environment and space.

See for example: https://www.officehomeideas.com/

New Environment Gives You Inspiration

Have you felt more alive and like time felt longer when you felt excited and when you were learning new things? Well it’s because new places and new environment actually makes you feel better and inspired. Which is why a lot of people actually travel to be more productive and get more done.

Even in some cases, you need to take a week or two away from work in order to get back to being at your top shape. Unlike machines we need rest, we need to rejuvenate before we can do things more productively and better.

So if you have been planning on going on a getaway trip for a week or so, it’s time to do so! Maybe come to Gozo and enjoy our hospitality here.