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5 best destination of europe

Posted by Liam Steward on
5 best destination of europe

1. Barcelona, ​​Spain
For me Barcelona is not missing on any bucket list. My absolute city of the heart also captivates in the summer by unique architecture, the best bars in Europe, Mediterranean vibes combined with big city flair and of course dream beaches in the immediate vicinity.

If you want to swim on a great beach, I recommend taking the train to Sant Pol de Mar, Sitges, Castelldefels or the Costa Brava. The city beach of Barcelona is also suitable for relaxing, but if you have more time, treat yourself to a day trip.

BARCELONA TIP: My Barcelona travel guide (paperback) with over 50 insider tips and 23 individual tours.

2. Sardinia, Italy
Alas, Sardinia. Some of the beaches in Sardinia are already rivaling the Caribbean. There are also small romantic villages and villages, the best gelato in the world and typical Italian cuisine.

I recommend renting a car and discovering the north of the Italian dream island through a road trip. Which places and beaches you can not miss, you will find out here.

3. Algarve, Portugal
High cliffs, surfing and crystal clear water at beautiful beaches. The Algarve has great road trip potential for me. There is so much to discover and that’s why in June 2018 I spent almost two weeks in southern Portugal with my sister, collecting insider tips for you. Maybe Portugal is already on your bucket list? Then go ahead!

4. Cyclades, Greece
The Greek Cyclades islands are perfect for island hopping. Santorini, Mykonos and Co. are easy to reach with regular ferry connections and invite you to chop, swim and dive. A diverse dream destination for your summer vacation.

5. Ibiza & Formentera, Spain
Since moving to Barcelona in 2012, I’ve been to Ibiza and Formentera a few times, thanks to its location and cheap flights. I discover something new every time. Ibiza is so much more than party and electronic music. There are many beautiful beaches and sweet little villages to explore.

The smallest Balearic island, Formentera, can be reached from Ibiza Town in less than 40 minutes by ferry and offers probably the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Rent a scooter and let’s go.


5 must go places of Europe in 2019

Posted by Liam Steward on

1) Rio Tinto

The Rio Tinto is a river that flows through the city of Huelva in southwestern Spain. You’re probably wondering what’s special about a river – well, the name of the river means “colored” in Spanish, a name he owes to his brick-red color. The area along the river has been a mine for copper, gold and other metals for centuries, and after so many years of mining, high levels of iron have dissolved in the river, causing the water to become extremely acidic.
2) Kjeragbolten, Norway

Here’s a perfect example of how magical and unpredictable nature is. Kjeragbolten is a boulder in the Norwegian province of Rogaland. The boulder is “placed” between two cliffs at a height of 984 meters, giving you the sensation that it is floating in the air. Apart from being a very popular tourist attraction, Kjeragbolten is also one of the most popular places for base jumpers. Getting there can be a challenge, especially the ascent, because some parts of the trail require climbing equipment. However, once you get to the top, all the hard work has been worth it, because the view from this boulder is absolutely amazing. Do not forget just one thing – do not look down!
3) Hum, Croatia

Hum on the Croatian peninsula Istria is often referred to as the smallest city in the world, though it certainly does not look like one. This “city” was founded in the 11th century and has since remained almost intact, which is why it still carries the title of city today. There are only two streets in Hum and only 30 inhabitants, according to the census in 2011. Although very small, Hum is known for its unique mistletoe brandy, which can only be found here. In fact, every year, at the end of October, every Istrian liquor producer gathers here at a fair where visitors can taste different kinds of schnapps. Another attraction in this area is the Glagolitic lane, which connects the town of Roc with Hum. It is actually a seven-kilometer-long road, with a series of 11 built monuments, with the city gates of Hum at the end.
4) Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway is a nature reserve near Bushmills, Northern Ireland. This miracle of nature is like no other in the world – it consists of about 40 000 basalt columns, which, due to their rather peculiar shape, have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Although this rock dam is actually the result of a volcanic eruption, there is also a legend that says the dam was built by a giant (hence the name). In 1986, the Causeway Tourist Center was opened, where you can get useful information about the site, change money and buy souvenirs.
5) Popeye Village, Malta

Nearly 40 years ago, this area near Mellieha was not a “village” until Disney Productions decided to use it as a movie set for the musical film Popeye. The construction of the so-called Popeye village, which was primarily called Sweethaven, was inspired by the comics of E.C. Segar influences. It is the village that seeks Popeye in the hope of finding his father. Today, this village is a popular theme park where you can meet characters like Popeye, Olivia and Wimpy, take a boat ride around the village bay, and see different shows every day of the week. The entrance fee for the Popeye Village is 16 € and includes every activity in the park, except the food – at the entrance you also get a free glass of wine!