Improving Relations Between Malta and Mongolia

Improving Relations Between Malta and Mongolia

Mongolia is one of those countries that is completely foreign to most of Europe. An empire that was once a one of the most biggest, is now something of the old and has been forgotten in history.

However, in an effort to improve relations between Mongolia and Malta, there have been efforts between both countries to organize exchange programs, business relations and other efforts to improve the ties between Malta and Mongolia.

Картинки по запросу мальта и монголия

The agreements were signed by Foreign Minister George Velha and his colleague Lundeg Purevsuren.

In fact, diplomats and work officials from Mongolia now can travel without a visa to Malta, however, other negotiations and further improvements are still in the works.


Though politically it might take a longer time for official agreements, we at Daydream Gozo are parterning with travel agencies in Mongolia and providing citizens of Malta an unforgetable journey for those who are interested.